Pace Glass Inc. has thrived in efficiently processing recyclable glass products into highly refined cullet, which is then re-melted back into common consumer and industrial products. By diverting glass waste from landfills and back into the market, our clients are able to effectively reduce their carbon footprint by using 100% recyclable materials. As an energy consciousness company, our goal is to recover, process and reuse every shard of glass available and in doing so, create a greener tomorrow.

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Corporate Office
Pace Glass Recycling
31-10 37th Avenue, Suite 500
L.I.C., NY 11101
718 267 0300
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Receiving & Pre-Processing
1 Caven Point Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Phone: 201-918-2427
Phone: 201-918-2496
Fax: 201-918-2496
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Processing Plant
88-94 Bishop Street,
Jersey City, NJ 07304
Plant Manager: David Clark

Northeast Processing Facility
00 Limecrest Road
Andover, NJ